August Newsletter

Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

greetings from the Andes! I've been travelling for over a week now and am loving the experience. I'm also delighted that I've left you in good hands and that classes for the most part can continue almost uninterrupted. To be on the safe side though, do check the timetable on the website here or under CLASSES. See you in a few weeks.

In this month's newsletter:

1. Tuesday's Dynamic Yoga 

2. Beginner's Yoga Update

3. Pregnancy Yoga


1. Dynamic Yoga  

Dynamic Yoga

Tuesday: August 8th, 15th and 29th at the Forest Hill Space 

TIME: 7.30pm - 8.50pm 

Please note that there will be 3 classes during the month of August - 8th, 15th and 29th (there will be no class on the 1st or the 22nd). 

To attend the class on the 8th and or the 15th:

Nikki will be teaching ashtanga yoga on the August 8th and 15th at 7.30pm. If you'd like to book onto either or both of these classes, please can you contact Nikki directly at . The class will cost £10 as a drop-in.


To attend the class on the 29th:

I will be teaching ashtanga yoga on Tuesday, August 29th. This will be a drop-in class the cost of which will be £12. Pre-payment and pre-booking at least 48 hours beforehand would be greatly appreciated so I have a good sense of numbers and also so you can't talk yourself out of attending the class on the day ;). You can attend and book on the day too though if need be.

The Booking System fr the 29th:

- Please e-mail me at to advise me that you'd like to attend.  

- I start promptly at 7.30pm, but if you are late, no worries just join us when you can. 

Notice: If you have booked, but cannot attend on the day, do let me know. Please note, no refunds can be offered however. Sorry.  



- August 1st NO CLASS

- August 8th ASHTANGA YOGA with NIKKI at the FOREST HILL SPACE starts 7.30pm

- August 15th ASHTANGA YOGA with NIKKI at the FOREST HILL SPACE starts 7.30pm 

- August 22nd NO CLASS

- August 29th ASHTANGA YOGA with KIMBERLY at the FOREST HILL SPACE starts 7.30pm


2. Beginner's Yoga

Despite my best intentions I just haven't been able to get this off the ground this year. The launch of my new website for The Little Plantation blog and all the assignments and jobs attached to my blog work as well as The Little Plantation Nutrition have just meant that teaching a beginner's course would have led to me spreading myself too thinly across too many channels. It is for this reason that I will not be teaching a beginner's course in September. Apologies. I will be back teaching beginners in January 2018! 

3. Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes will resume in September. Please see the website for dates or contact me for a booking form or if any questions remain.